Philosophy of Education

            Every student should have the chance to succeed and reach their greatest potential.  The classroom is a learning environment where the teacher uses different instructional strategies to teach the whole child.  To realize that each student needs to be taught and assessed in different ways than their peers will enhance the learning and success of all students.  My role is to understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses in order to adapt my lessons to set my students up for success.

             It is important for the teacher to get to know each student.  It is important for the teacher to know what the student likes, where the student struggles and how the student learns best.  It is important to get to know the student physically, socially, cognitively and emotionally.

            An environment I want to set up for my students is one where they think critically and creatively to foster learning.  The classroom needs to be a place for the students to feel free to express themselves.  Students are natural inquirers.  To have an inquiry classroom will have the students thinking critically.  Students also need to be involved in the process of setting up their learning environment through having choice with assignments, how they are assessed, and in what ways they are going to learn. 

            The students and the teacher act as a team.  The students are fostering their learning as the teacher acts as a facilitator.  The teacher is always learning as well.  As times change quickly and technology and the classroom are always changing, so does the teacher’s lessons.  A teacher needs to keep up with the times to keep the students engaged.

            Teaching is a professional field as part of a larger team.  It is important to collaborate.  Teachers must communicate with the student’s parents at home.  Teacher’s need to connect the students to the community as well as, teachers need to use available school resources.  The teacher needs to collaborate with other teachers in the school as well as the school support systems and the administration.  Collaboration is a great way to learn new resources and ensure the teacher is providing the best learning situations for each student.


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