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Welcome to Holland

This is a video we watched in our EPSY 355 class.  The class focuses on teaching students with special needs in an inclusive environment.  The video is based on a beautiful poem written by Emily Perl Kingsley.  I loved the messages in this video.  It suggests that although you wish your classroom could be the ideal classroom full of students at the same learning level, your classroom will be more like Holland.  Holland is the diverse range of students that will be in the classroom.  It is important to look past the label of ‘being in Holland’ or having a special needs student and to appreciate the beauty of it.  There are so many special things about each student that a teacher needs to be able to see.  If a person is so hung up on ‘Italy’ they will never enjoy ‘Holland’.

1. Welcome to Holland

2. An Assessment Question

3. Final Project Idea

4. School in Germany

5. A Possible Addiction (Twitter)

6. Half Way Wordle

7. Sexual Identities

8. Cell Phones in the Classroom

9. Where is Technology Going?

10. Animal School

11. How Much Is Too Much

12. My Daily Usage

13. What I will Take Away


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