What I Will Take Away

Through my reflection and my final project I have learned a lot in this course that I can take away from it.

The reason that I find the final project we did a good reflection of learning is becuase it is a organized compilation of many resources that I can see myself using the future.  When I think about the fact that I may one day have a smart board I will have no clue where to start.  Since my partners have used a smart board before they were able to add their favorite interactive websites for it.  There are many helpful resources and I like the page with the many resources that we learned in class.  In a year I will not remember all the websites that we learned about in class but I will always have access to the wiki we created so I will always be able to go back, read the description and use the link to get to many great websites that can be used.  The final project was also great because we got the chance to learn how to better use a wiki, and connect resources to it.  A wiki is a great collaborative tool to use with a classroom or small group of students so they can all work on one document on seperate computers and share ideas and resources.

My reflection was also very beneficial for me.  Not only do I mention many great website that I can use in it and how I can use them but I also learned some really neat new tools to create projects with.  Jing and camtasia were free versions of screen recording tools I worked with to create a project.  I can see students who don’t like being in videos being interested in a program like this.  Also, with my final project and a few others this semester I have created a youtube account which is new technology to me as well.  Not only am I able to watch videos, but I can also create and share videos now as well.

These are two great examples of my summary of learning.  I, of course, took away more than just my two final projects.  I have also learned the importance of technology in the classroom and many important topics that have not crossed my mind ever.  I learned that students are smart with technology, and that incorporating technology into a lesson will help them in many different ways to learn.  I learned that I do need to give students some instruction on computer usage so that they are using the internet appropriately, espcially if the computers are not blocked from certain sites.  I learned that I need to keep my digital identity a positive one for when parents, students and potential employers are looking to find things out about me.  I want to have my students start their own positive digital identiy.

Overall I learned a lot about technology and how it relates back to the classroom.  Thanks for the knowledge Alec!


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