My Daily Usage

What is a typical daily usage of the internet like?  Mine usually includes writing a paper or creating a project of some sort on microsoft word.  Along with that is constantly checking Facebook to add to my procrastination, as well as hotmail, job postings or anything that can take my mind off homework.  I also use my computer for music downloads and updating electronic devices.

Photo by: William Hook

I want to see my computer usage go in a different direction in the next month (when I will actually be in the field).  I want to see myself researching articles that might really help me build my career and knowledge base for being a first year educator.  I hope to, and plan on continuing to blog.  I have many reasons for wanting to continue to blog.  First of all I hope that having an online space may impress my potential employers and it can be a space where they can go to learn more about me.  Also, because I do want to expand my knowledge base it will be a great spot to do short summaries of important points that can help me as an educator.  When I first get my own classroom, depending on the grade, my first task I want to do is have each student set up their own blogs (depending on the division of course).  If I do not blog regularly I can not expect my students to.  I think it would be a great space to share thoughts and artifacts with my students.

I also see myself using wikispaces, google docs, skype, diigo and other various websites we have learned about.  I also have a image of what my students daily usage is like.

I realize that getting laptops every day in a school may be unrealistic.  I would like my students to blog a couple times a week.  Other days we may create assignments together on the projector, go on google earth tours, watch videos to assist our learning all on the pojector.  If I have access to a smart board I want to use it as much as possible in my daily lessons.  Whether I am teaching on it or the students are doing interactive learning on the board it is my goal to use at least one form of technology a day.  I realize that this is not going to come easily and that my visions of technology in my classroom may be time consuming and difficult at times but I have a goal and a starting point, now I just need a classroom :)!

What other ways do you use technology now? What visions do you have of technology in your classroom?


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