How Much is Too Much

When it comes to getting to know students and their personal lives, I would have to think where the line should be drawn.  What about the students and my personal life, what am I comfortable with them knowing?  I would have to say this is where I am lucky being in and elementary setting.  I recall my days in high school when I would hear of my friends trying to sneak into the Weyburn bar under age.  When teachers would catch them there I bet the teachers felt a very personal dilemma of what to do.  The teachers in Weyburn always made sure the students got kicked out becuase it was illegal for them to be in there in the first place and it could ruin their career.  There are many stories out there where teachers do inappropriate things and get caught and lose their job over it.  Worst part is, the things they do have nothing to do with school.  In this article a teacher has internet relations from his home that get him fired.  I apologize for the content of the article, it is very one sided but it proves the point that no matter what teachers do, in the school or in their own time, they need to be cautious

Being in an elementary school that is not one of my concerns.  I am concerned however that I may ask a question too personal for students that a parent will come back at me and question me on, or parents and students will dig too deep into my personal life.  For me I am all about getting to know my students.  I like to know what their weekends consisted of, who they live with, what sports they are playing and their favorite games and things to do.  In elementary they love sharing this stuff with me as well.  I am not much different, they knew my first name, always bugged me to find out where my house was, knew what sports I played and one student even knows where my parents house is (his cousins were my neighbours)!  This was fine with me becuase I was only in internship but I had a great connection with my students and I can’t imagine having anything less!


Photo by: apc33

Just looking for some insights.  I think it is okay to share moderate amounts of personal information with my students and to get some from them, but this is at an elementary level so I can see how high school may not agree.  I love having some connections with my students like discussing our hockey games, or our favorite tv shows.  Do you think it is appropriate to let your students know you personally and where should the line be drawn?


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