Animal School

Here is a video we watched in EPSY 322 tonight.

For our final day of class we had two men from the ministry come in and give us a presentations on inclusivity in schools as well as a parent who has a son with Asperger’s came to give us information on their life and their relationships with the school.  There are so many things to take into consideration with just one exceptional learner in the classroom, how do teachers do it? 

Throughout some of the conversation tonight I picked up on one point in particular, and it really caught my attention.  It was discussion around the cutback of EA’s.  They guys from the ministry said one reason was because they were leaving the work of certain individuals up to EA’s when the classroom teachers were the ones with the training.  The discussion around cutting EA’s has always made me wonder, what would a classroom teacher do without an EA if we had a polar bear, a fish, an eagle, a squirrel and a duck in our classroom.  Teachers do get by and through learning experiences they come up with ways of creating an environment that works for all students.  But a CBC report done a year ago said that we were going to cut EA’s from 3400 to 800.  In the same news report it says that is not possible!  I think that there are so many roles in the school that need to be recognized.  There are so many students in the schools that need to be recognized.

Animal school shows us how important it is to understand each student and treat them all as individuals.  To be flexible with the curriculum becuase it is not going to suit every student.  To do this we need to take advantage of the supports offered in the school and collaborate with parents, school board, administration and in school support services.  Animal school taught me a lot about students I may have and pointed out that the curriculum can not be set in stone (adaptations!!!).


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