Where is Technology Going?

As I was sitting looking through the syllabus on the first day of one of my classes I noticed that there were ten novels I had to buy and read for the course I was in.  I went hom that night and checked out if I could buy the books on my sony ereader and I could.  So I went to my professor and discussed if I could buy them on there since it is half price for the books.  Here is the problem.  Electronic devices are not allowed in a final exam (even though it is not an offical final exam).  I explained to my professor that the sony ereader I own is nothing more than a regular book.  I can read it, highlight important sections, tab pages and make notes on the sides of my pages.  I have no internet access on it becuase of the brand that it is.  But it still did not matter since the university code says no electronics in the final.


This incident made me think about where technology is going in schools, and if the university is caught up or behind.  I love my ereader because I am able to buy and share books with others who also have the sony ereader.  It is great for travelling, bringing to school for my breaks and taking outside since the screen is made like a book and gets no glare from lights or sun.

A website that I read had the benefits and drawbacks of ereaders in school.

Some benefits include:

Books can be kept up to date more easily, students can write in and on their reader through creating notes and highlighting without wrecking them (deleting is simple), saving money on importing books and the cost of books, can obtain a specific book wanted within minutes, and students are used to more of a computer style screen.

Some drawbacks include:

While the books on ereaders are cheaper, getting a set of ereaders will be expensive.  It also takes a lot of trust that students will not steal the ereaders.  Some great books are still not ebooks yet and for those who don’t know how to work them, and aren’t willing to learn, it will not be beneficial.

I see so much benefit from ereaders.  Also, rather than buying ereaders, although ipads or more expensive if the schools have the budget ipads have readers among many more aps.  I am interested to see where ereaders go in the next few years.


One response to “Where is Technology Going?

  • Tony Cole

    Hi, i am glad you found that post on my blog of use and interest. You might find the various posts I wrote about he work of Worldreader of interest too.
    Anyhow, good to see you also use a Sony ereader….. Me too!
    Best wishes

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