Tech Task 9

This is a picture I took of my brothers friend jumping off the highest cliff.  These cliffs are in Lake of the Woods in Ontario where we have a cabin that we go to for the summer.  As you can see he is standing on top of the cliff.  We all tried our best to stop him but as the quote says he needed to take a risk to learn.  Did he ever learn when he couldn’t walk for days!

This is another picture taken out in Ontario.  My family goes every other Christmas to my grandma’s house in Kenora, Ontario to visit her.  Every year we go on an ice adventure where we go to a point where the Winnipeg River meets Lake of the Woods.  We then go climb on the bouys and on a bridge that goes across the landing.  We always have a huge photoshoot while we go on our adventures and as you can see I wasn’t quite on time like my sister was in this picture!


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