Sexual Identities

For my Schooling and Sexual Identities course we had an awesome class tonight.  We first were so lucky to go see presenter Angela Davis speak in the University Theatre.  She made it evident how lucky we are to be able to take courses such as this one since not many places would offer something like it.  So that made me appreciate tonights class a little bit more!  This class has been so rewarding for me and yet also a struggle.  I am learning so much about a topic I have never learned about before and I am so thankful I am able to learn it.  I realize that in my career I will come across many queer youth that are struggling with their sexuality.  I may have a coworker who is LGBT.  This class is helping me prepare for my future as an educator when it comes to a group of people who are “othered”.  I have learned that to educate, or to work with someone who may identify as queer, I have to come to a realization where I stand on the topic.  Am I tolerant or accepting?  Do I know what is appropriate to teach or not?  Truth is, I have learned a lot but there is a lot more for me to learn until I can feel comfortable teaching such a silenced topic.  Of course the topic of LGBT can be taught in a Families unit in Elementary school, or a well written book can be used in the high school English curriculum.  This topic needs to be addressed universally though so it does not just seem like something added on to the already full curriculum.  Here is a video we watched in class to show how the topic can be ‘othered’ or it can just be included!

If you want to check out a campaign that is going on there is the It Gets Better Project.  What do you think is the It Gets Better project positive, does it have negatives? What are your opinions on it and its supporters?  For those of you interested (or in the class) check out the website and let me know!


One response to “Sexual Identities

  • lewchukd

    I strongly think that teachers need to touch base on the sexuality subject in a positive light in elementary and in high school. I know from personal experience I felt like there was know one. The “it gets better project” makes me smile that we as a society are slowly moving forward. I am glad that there is more awareness in today’s society then when I was growing up, discovering who I am. I know it would of been alot easier if I had these kind of supporters back when I was struggling with my sexual identity. I know I wouldn’t have felt so alone. Thank you for posting this. 🙂

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