A Possible Addiction

A few months ago I got Twitter.  When I first got it I made a tweet about how I was making my first tweet which was very original.  That’s about all I did for a few weeks and then I tried to tweet some more.  I do not really know what to post on there yet so I am mostly just posting about random things in my day which is not helping me build my professional twitter account.  I hope to some day be connected with many other educators where we can discuss and share ideas and links.  I realize that this is exactly why we were encouraged to sign up for twitter and I am starting to build my professional network.  I thought it would be fun to find some reasons to use twitter and ways that twitter should not be used. 

I think the first website I looked at told me that others I want to follow won’t take me seriously due to the fact that I have tweets about nothing at all.  So I kept on reading.  My favorite article, due to the name mostly was Twittiquette.  I liked the information it gave that it should not be a self promotion it is meant to be used to share with and connect with others.  I realized here that instead of just tweeting I should be responding to those I am following.  It also told me to let my followers get to know me a bit, which I think is a great idea because the second I post I am in education I can begin to follow and be followed by other educators!

Here is a video to watch that will help with Twitter Etiquette!!

Now it is time for a Twexpert (haha) to make use of a new tool!  Check me out!  calder2b!


One response to “A Possible Addiction

  • Angela Byrnes

    Welcome to Twitter Brandee 🙂

    I think your title holds very true for me, however, Twitter is an addiction that has helped my professional development as a teacher.

    It takes time and patience to develop a network (or to have Alec tweet our your Twitter ID haha). Be sure to design your network to best fit your needs. I hope that you continue to find it useful as you begin your teaching career!

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