Final Project

When trying to think of an idea for a final project my group members and I went through many ideas.  We decided in the end to make some sort of blog as a resource for our futures.  This was not the only idea that had passed through our conversation though.  One idea that was particularly interested in was discovering what techology different schools/school divions used.

When looking through the websites of the school divisons I was particularly interested in I noticed the different uses of technology all of them have.  I noticed on school that uses cell phones in the classroom, others that have computers for all the students.  Some schools had smart boards and headphones and keypads to use to test the students.  My thought was that it would be so neat to go from school to school, as well as go to other divisions, and figure out what types of technology they use and their reason behind it to put into a video. 

Although the idea seemed great, we soon realized that if we wanted footage of how the students use the technology then waivers need to be signed, we need to interrupt a class, we need to set up meetings and the places I wanted to check out required a lot of driving and gas becuase they were not in the city.  So since I am still extremely interested in this topic, I will just ask all of you, what does you internship, pre-internship or high schools do when it comes to technology?  What was the reason behind that technology being used? 

I am sure there are many stories you can all tell from your experiences!


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