Tech Task #3


In this Ted Talks video Ann Cooper presents how she manages Berkley School Districs lunches and why it is important to realize what our kids are getting served for lunch.  Ann makes some great points in her video and I think her overall message is a great one.

When students come to school each day they come to learn.  Ann states that we need to be teaching the students the realtionship between a healthy planet, healthy food and healthy kids.  Instead, we are teaching our students that it is ok to eat bad food.  Students are coming and their school, the place that is responsible for them each day, is serving them processesed food.  If that is what those who are responible for students are giving them, students are going to think that is what they should be eating.

Cooper says that one thing that we could be teaching our students is to eat food within our own region.  But it becomes hard to teach students to eat food within our own region when we hear in this talk that more money is going into prisoners than is into our agriculure.  We have more prisioners in our country than we do farmers.  The fast food industry has grown so big that we do not make our own food anymore.  A lot of the food we are getting comes thousands of miles.  How is is possible that food can travel thousands of miles and still be okay to eat.

Kids are getting sick from eating the unhealthy food which is going to cause for them to have a shorter life.  Cooper makes a point that 30-45 percent of all students in Canada are going to get diabetes.  Most of these students will be getting diabetes before grade twelve.  If that statistic isn’t enough to scare parents and schools, then our food nation has consumed us.  Our childrens/students health is at risk and yet we are spending less than a dollar a day on school lunches for the students.  Their lives are worth more than that.  If we continue feeding the students processed food the students will not be effective in schools anymore.  Nutrition is crucial in students learning.

What we need to do about this, Cooper says, is educatue our students.  Students should know that a chicken is not in the shape of animals, chicken nuggets are not actually chicket.  They need to know that fruits come from the ground and are colorful.  She also brings in what parents need to do about it.  She gave a statistic that one out of ever four meals is fast food, eaten in a car or eaten in front of a tv or computer.  We need to take control, spend some quality time with our children and create them a good healthy meal that can be eaten together.

I completely agreed with this video and the points that Ann Cooper makes.  So much of our health and phys ed curriculum deals with getting students healthy, discussing food and excercise and its effects on students.  We teach and teach these facts year after year, but we really need to start leading by example and changing our schools in order to SHOW the students the points we make in health and phys. ed. classes.


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