Tech Task #2


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encouraged to use their technology (including mobile phones) in school? What are the pros and cons?

My Thoughts :

Is using technology going to improve students learning?  When I think about the techology students want to bring into the classroom it ranges from laptops, to cellphones, nintendos, ipods, etc.  What I find to be the best part about students wanting to bring all this technology into the classroom is listening to them justify how it assists them in learning.  So when the schools decide that students technology should be banned from school, are we really making the correct decisions?  I decided to find out. 

A Schools Perspective

  • It is generally said that yes technology should be used but specific guidelines are needed for what technology can be used
  • Those who can not affored technology may be at a disadvantage
  • Internets, calculators and storage would be useful in the classroom on cellphones
  • Cellphones and ipods could be used for cheating by creating notes
  • Who is responsible when theft occurs of these items

It is obvious that there are many pros and cons when it comes to the schools opinions.

Here is what a current teacher and his students came up with for how to use cellphones and ipods in class:

A Students Perspective

  • Students are worried that powering down their electronics during school is going to slow the development and skills they need for the economy today
  • Students use their technology to collaborate with other students
  • Students want to use their technology but only at the teachers request
  • Is the student texting distracting to whole class, or is the teacher stopping the class to take the cellphone away more distracting
  • The greater use of technology could help with organization and neatness
  • It improves the connection the student has between school and home throughout the day
  • Parents want their students to have cellphones in case of emergencies

It is also obvious that there are many pros and cons when it comes to the students opinions.

Check out the student interview for more details on these arguments.

My opinion is one that might not matter all that much.  Really it is the administration that ultimately decides upon electronic uses in schools but if I had to give my plea, I would say yes to some and no to some technology.  I would say yes to laptops.  If students want to bring in laptops to class then I don’t see why not.  It is a great way to take notes, it can be very beneficial for those struggling with learning to keep up and it is a great way to be sure that your students will be taking their school work home with them.  I would also say yes to students having Ipods in the classroom.  This is due to the fact that some students learn better when listening to music.  Of course the student would only be allowed to use their ipod while working independently and not so loud that it can be heard even with headphones on.  I would also agree with other electronics such as

I would say no to nintendos.  I believe that there is no educational value in a nintendo, every feature that the nintendo would have would also be available on a computer, ipod or cellphone.  Cellphones are on my maybe list.  I would implement the rule that yes cellphones can be at a students desk turned on with the volume off.  The cellphones can only be taken off a students desk when being used for internet, scheduling, or math purposes. 

With all of these forms of technology there are going to be pros and cons but the schools won’t figure these out until students are given the chance to prove that they will use their technology to assist them rather than to disrupt the class.  Like the video I added says, students will respect us if we give them the opportunity to try and prove that they can use technology in an appropriate way.  My last and final thought is, any stolen item is not the teachers, schools, or administrations problem.  The student chose to bring their items to school.  I can’t wait  to see what happens with technology in schools in the next few years!


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